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Our new initiative to inspire innovation across the European technology market.

Discover the initiative of Verus Brasil and Ninecom for the European market. The Brazilian companies joined in a joint venture and founded Xcale UP, a company headquartered in Germany, fully compliant with European legislation and focused on working collaboratively with local organizations, drawing on their know-how , structure and stability of more than two decades of its creator companies.

The technology market assumed an important leading role by positioning itself as the source of the main tools that kept the world economy functioning during the rigid restrictions imposed in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The ways of creating value and the work models adopted to adapt to such a delicate and unique moment have become intrinsic to our lives and, today, we cannot imagine our daily lives without the changes brought about by technological tools, from the management of a company and its decision-making processes to the leisure moments of our personal life. Technology is more relevant than ever.

In this scenario, Verus Brasil and Ninecom saw the opportunity to expand their business models, both in wide expansion and already consolidated by experience and success stories throughout their pioneering trajectories. The Xcale UP joint venture aims to bring to the European market the strength and reliability of the two Brazilian companies, using a team of more than 600 highly specialized consultants in SAP and Oracle technologies.

In addition, Xcale UP stands out for building a collaborative business model with local companies. The focus of the new company will be to build partnerships and build robust solutions to boost business in European lands, through the know-how and structure of its creators so that the potential for scalability and service delivery is maximized from the beginning.

It is also worth mentioning that Xcale UP seeks to offer an on-demand billing model, with a focus on cost-benefit, so that the customer pays, in local currency, only the hours used and can focus on saving resources. All this with the guarantee and reliability of a company founded and operated under German law.

Technology is our greatest ally in dealing with the challenges of the 21st century and its role was strengthened by a pandemic that accelerated trends and made us suddenly understand the importance of being flexible and adaptable to the uncertainties that come along the way. Xcale UP was born in this scenario and seeks to be a great partner in promoting a world more adapted to digital transformation starting with Europe, after all, there are no frontiers for innovation.



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