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Verus Brasil offers an entire line of implementation and consulting services for SAP solutions.

The Verus Brasil offers a whole line of implementation and consulting services for SAP solutions.  With less risk and greater gain, its team of consultants, with extensive experience in processes, fully masters the functional and technical areas, not to mention the deep knowledge of the best business practices in the market, thus being ready to offer the complete solution to your company:
  • Diagnostics and Action Plans;
  • Process Mapping;
  • Functional and Technical Support (AMS);
  • Environment monitoring;
  • Evolutionary Demands;
  • Business consultancy;
  • Training;
  • Resource allocation;
  • projects.
This comprehensive portfolio allows VERUS BRASIL full customer support throughout the SAP solutions cycle:
Full support
in the cycle of

SAP solutions
Indication of
best solution
  • Process mapping and optimization;
  • Implementation of rollouts in Brazil and abroad;
  • Execution of version upgrades and application of Support Packages;
  • SAP implementation; GRC, NFe, Inbound, Outbound; etc.;
  • Legal / Tax Projects: SPED Fiscal, Accounting and Contributions, Block K, NF-e, NFS-e, CAT-83, IFRS, CIAP, etc.;
  • Technical Infrastructure Projects: Migration of servers, operating systems and DBs and DRP – Disaster Recovery Plan;
  • Special solutions customized for the client.
  • Emergency actions in crisis situations;
  • Technical Diagnostics: environment, landscape, performance, DB, SAP infra, settings BASIS, etc.;
  • Functional diagnostics: current scenario, gap analysis, adherence to legal requirements, revision  de  configurations, system integration with SAP, etc.;
  • Preparation and execution of Action Plans.
Verus Brazil
Post Deployment AMS Support
  • Automation of Receipt of Invoices (MIGO and MIRO)
  • Automation of Issuance of NF Writer for Inventory Adjustment
  • FCI – Import Control Form;
  • ECF – Sped Tax Accounting Bookkeeping – IRPJ and CSLL;

  • SPEDs in SA P – ECD, EFD, Pis/Cofins

  • Block G - CIAP - Credit Control of Permanent Assets

  • DDA – Authorized Direct Debit – accounts payable;

  • Cost Stratification of Bulk Products - Planned and Actual

  • Daily Currency Quotation – SAP x Central Bank integration;

  • Database Reduction and Optimization – diagnostics at no cost

  • Archiving

  • Seeks to eliminate weaknesses and recurrences and expand the user's knowledge and use of SAP (remote or local);
  • Dedicated and exclusive team for this service;
  • The service is available for small or large volumes, with service to Brazil and other countries (offshore) in up to 03 languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish);
  • Proven methodology in several CASES;
  • Functional and technical coverage of SAP modules, including BASIS, ABAP, PI and GRC Security.
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  • Resolution of user errors/problems and clarification of user inquiries;

  • Adjustments to ABAP configurations or programs;

  • Interaction with SAP (SAP Support Portal) and research, analysis, and application of correction notes;

  • Recording, monitoring, and control of each incident;

  • Effective contract management with the proposal of corrective and improvement actions.

  • Continuous monitoring of the operational environment;

  • Application of ERP and DBMS update patches;

  • Preventive and periodic performance and vulnerability assessments, with the creation of an action plan;

  • Recommendation and monitoring of best practices for environment management and security.

of AMS Projects  Atendimento
the Demands
On demand implementation of improvements and new business requirements, through standard configurations or new developments:
  • Only what is actually demanded is paid;
  • Conforms to pre-approved metrics and values;
  • Focused as much as possible on the standard SAP solution;
  • Development methodology appropriate to the size of the demands;
  • Service provided in up to 03 languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish);
  • Knowledge of the location of several Latin American countries.
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