Verus Brasil offers a complete line of implementation and consultancy services in SAP solutions. With less risk and greater gain, our team of consultants has a wide experience in the processes, full control of the functional and technical areas. We also have a deep knowledge of the best business practices of the market, bringing us ready to offer the complete solution to its company:
  • Diagnostics and Action Plans;​
  • Process Mapping
  • Functional and Technical Support (AMS);
  • Environment Monitoring;
  • Evolutionary Demands;
  • Business Consulting;
  • Training;
  • Resource allocation;
  • Projects.
This comprehensive portfolio enables VERUS BRASIL to fully support the customer in the cycle of SAP solutions:
Full support in the cycle of SAP solutions.
Indication of the best solution
Post Implementation  
Project Development 
Indication of the best solution
  • Emergency actions in crisis situations;
  • Technical Diagnostics: environment, landscape, performance, DB, infra SAP, BASIS configurations, etc .;
  • Functional diagnostics: current scenario, gaps analysis, adherence to legal requirements, revision of configurations, integration of systems with SAP, etc.;
  • Preparation and execution of Action Plans.
  • Mapping and optimization of processes;
  • Implementation of rollouts in Brazil and abroad;
  • Performing upgrade upgrades and application support packages;
  • SAP implementation; GRC, NFe, Inbound, Outbound; etc...;
  • Legal / Fiscal Projects: SPED Fiscal, Accounting and Contributions, Block K, NF-e, NFS-e, CAT-83, IFRS, CIAP, etc ...;
  • Infrastructure Technical Projects: Migration of servers, operating systems and BDs and DRP -
  • Disaster Recovery Plan;
  • Custom Special Solutions for the client.
Verus Brasil Solution (Products)
  • FCI – Ficha de Controle de Importação;
  • ECF – Sped Escrituração Contábil Fiscal – IRPJ e CSLL;
  • SPEDs no SAP – ECD, EFD, Pis/Cofins
  • Bloco G – CIAP – Controle de Crédito do Ativo Permanente
  • DDA – Débito Direto Autorizado – contas a pagar;
  • Mass Product Cost Stratification - Planned and Actual
  • Daily Currency Quotation - SAP integration x Central Bank;
  • Database Reduction and Optimization - diagnosis without cost
  • Archiving
Post Implementation
AMS - Support
  • It seeks to eliminate weaknesses and recurrences and increase the knowledge and use of SAP by the user (remote or local);
  • Dedicated and exclusive team for this service;
  • The service is available for small or large volumes, with service to Brazil and other countries (offshore) in up to 03 languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish);
  • Methodology proven in several CASES;
  • Functional and technical coverage of SAP modules, including BASIS, ABAP, PI and GRC Security.
Phase 1
Project Preparation
  • Macroenvironmental analysis
  • Mobilizing VERUS team
  • Project configuration
  • Contract preparation
Knowledge transfer and transition
  • Detailed environment analysis
  • Perception of users
  • User / TI / VERUS Expectation
  • Structure service model
  • Define SLA, metrics and severities
  • Knowledge base construction
  • Backlog Prioritization
  • Roadshow and start of service
Phase 3
  • SLA and metrics application 
  • Analysis of results
  • Conclusion of the knowledge base
  • VERUS Quality Plan
  • Attending Critical Demands
Phase 4
Full operation
  • Full implementation of SLA and metrics
  • Updating the knowledge base
  • Assign cost centers
  • Ticket attendig
  • Management of services
Project Development -            AMS On demands Service
Implementation "on demand" of improvements and new business requirements, through standard configurations or new developments:
  • Only what is effectively demanded is paid;
  • Consistent with metrics and pre-approved values;
  • Focused to the maximum in the SAP standard solution;
  • Development methodology appropriate to the size of the demands;
  • Attended in up to 03 languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish);
  • Knowledge of the location of several Latin American countries.
SAP Recognized Expertise

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